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33.7m yet obtain telecoms services in Nigeria

Although current statistics in the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) showed that Nigeria has the latest Naija hottest news; crossed the 100 per cent teledensity mark having nicked 106 per cent, a new advice has, however, emerged that some 33.7 million folks were still either unserved or function with telecommunications services in the state.

The EVC said efforts were being made to bridge the gap.

To the NCC boss, the USPF will be playing with major role in achieving four of the eight-point plan towards repositioning the telecommunications industry of the commission.

The EVC said would play important role in facilitating broadband penetration, improving quality of service; enhancing partnerships and strategic cooperation in addition to promoting investment opportunities and ICT innovations.

He stressed the fact that stakeholders must work together to iron out thorny problems bedevilling the increase of the sector. According to Danbatta, who said the country’s parlous state of infrastructure had limited its development, however, noted that Nigeria ranked 134 of the 144 nations with readied infrastructure for growth, adding “therefore all hands must be on deck to improve on the state of our infrastructure if we must compete favourably nicely.”

The EVC appealed to the Government to review its fiscal and monetary policies, notably as it relates to foreign exchange acquisition.

According to him, operators were finding it challenging to obtain foreign exchange because of their operations. In his comment, USPF Secretary, Ayuba Shuaibu, said the initiative was borne out of the conviction to promote widespread access to telecommunications services.

Senate endeavors NSCDC on unity among Nigerians

Chairman, ‎Senate Committee on National Character, Senator Tijjani Kaura, has called on the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSDC), to concentrate on ensuring unity among Nigerians in the discharge of its constitutional obligations.

According to him, given Nigeria’s diversity as a society that is heterogeneous, it is imperative for NSCDC to ensure equivalent treatment of all Nigerians regardless of what region they come from.


The lawmaker encouraged NSCDC to always conform to deployment of employees and the federal character principle in recruitment exercises, stressing that the importance of it should be done with fairness and due consideration.

Kaura said: “The unity of the country is paramount, the way this nation was amalgamated, and the diversity in culture and people makes it critical for all Nigerians to be united and treated equally.

“We decided to oversight the Commission to ensure that it lives through fairness and justice with the federal character principle.

“This is not an organisation for eating where national cake is distributed, instead it truly is one where the national cake is baked by ensuring equality and fairness.

Responding, the Commandant-General of the NSCDC, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu, told members of the committee that sequel to his appointment, efforts was made to balance the number of policemen ‎disperse across the states of the federation.

On the issue of deployment, Senator Kaura called on NSCDC to “ensure that each state is fairly given its duty and share in contributing towards the advancement of the nation.”He charged the Commandant General to work assiduously towards making the NSCDC greater than it’s at present.

Muhammadu said the move became critical to ensure that the number of policemen in the various states represents and meets the requirement of the federal character principle as supplied by the 1999 Constitution as amended.

Forex scarcity bringing finest out of Nigerians, says CBN

As local production of various vital goods is now being given top priority with positive consequences the current scarcity of foreign exchange confronting the country has been referred to as a great development for the Nigerian market.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele, who reiterated the assertion during the assessment tour of the farmlands cultivated under its anchor borrowers programme in Kebbi State at the weekend, said that agriculture is the bedrock of genuine economic growth of any country and that Nigeria could not be an exception.

Meanwhile, the state governor, Alhaji Atiku Bagudu, who stated that farmers in the state had been adequately mobilised towards attainment of the one million tonnes of paddy rice by supplying them with necessary input signal as and when due, said with the assurance of availability of market for the produce, farmers in the state are already getting excited about the repayment of the loan facility extended to them at the start of the farming season.

He said the farmers enjoy a bumper harvest while admitting the critical roles of both the CBN and the state government in supply of fertilisers, irrigation equipment and loans.

Emefiele, who commended farmers and the Kebbi State authorities for his or her conviction and dedication in the scheme, noted that with the level of success achieved in the pilot project in the state, in addition to the improvement at Sunti Golden Sugar Estate in Niger, it’s now a reality that the nation can produce enough to feed itself and even export in no distant future.

Furthermore, Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, in his assessment of the programme in the rural areas visited by the team, said with Kebbi State alone targeting one million tonnes of rice from the planned seven million tonnes needed by the whole country, self sufficiency in rice production is very much at vision by the time other 12 states identified as rice making belts harvest their produce.

The minister said that rural areas remain the catalyst for sustainable economic development for reinventing agricultural practice into lucrative business venture while commending the efforts of the CBN.

The CBN governor noted that with 78,581 farmers mobilised in Kebbi State under the anchor borrowers programme and the disbursement of N4.9 billion as loans to the farmers, about 570,000 direct jobs have been created, while 70,871 of the rural farmers now own and manage bank accounts.

Nigerians support authorities’s want for a budget that is realistic

“It is evident that there is trust in authorities and, Nigeria’s persona has significantly enhanced with an elevated interest by foreign investors to purchase the state, before the international community.

Every nation is getting excited about doing business because we now have a president who is consecrated, transparent, incorruptible and trusted and the whole international community” he said.

The party scribe said Nigerian’s belief in the APC government was further demonstrated by the big turnout of voters in the Saturday by- election in Yobe.

“The substantial turnout in yesterday’s election and APC’s success at the polls, has consolidated the people’s religion in the party and President Buhari to improve their lives.

“In spite of the hardships endured by the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), they came out massively to elect APC as a result of their strong beliefs in the party and the leadership,” he said.

The secretary commended President Buhari for supporting the security forces in the battle against insurgency, and that the protection scenario in the North East had improved appreciably.

Saraki: Nigerians split over calls for his resignation

With more Nigerians coming out to take sides on the contentious issue, arguments for and against the resignation of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, are growing louder, with no signs of subsiding.

Saraki is undergoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) in Abuja, for alleged false declaration of assets. Legal brick walls have been encountered by several efforts by the Senate President to block the trial , even as more allegations of massive corruption continue to emerge.

Warning that APC’s grouse with the Senate President has the ability to destroy the party, Ikpo said I WOn’t ask him to submit to the wishes of those that need to persecute him. I ‘ll tell him to keep fighting. He’s innocent. Some of his mates said that he has a good case as regards what they are accusing him of. We should watch and see when he begins his defence.

Tinubu’s mistake should not be corrected by “The CCT with Saraki. The CCT acknowledged blunders were made by it. Should at this point you correct it with Saraki, if a mistake was made in the instance of of Senator Bola Tinubu? It is not proper. They should have continued with precisely the same error. APC is destroying itself by toying with the wonderful opportunity it has. Things are not going well for them. Things are not good in the country for everybody. Nobody will vote for them.” when there is an election today

On his part, Francis Okpozo (Delta South) also urged Saraki to “stay until the result of the case.” When he has innocent he described as early calls for the Senate leader’s resignation. “There’s no way he can be forced out, and we shouldn’t pre-empt the court’s determination,” he added.

But former national chairman of Justice Party (JP), Chief Ralph Obioha, noted that the case against the Senate President is an indictment, hence “the honourable thing for him to do is step aside, pending the decision of his trial.”

He said: Morally speaking, there’s no justification for him to continue to hang on to power.

“A precedence has been set in this kind of circumstance. Evans Enwerem was Senate President, Chuba Okadigbo was Senate President, along with Adolphus Wabara; they’d distinct cases that touched on morality while their trial lasted and they all quit their places. When he goes through his trial he can always retrieve his standing. I do not view it as a do or die thing. I believe it truly is even in his interest that he does not affect the procedure for the trial using his position.”

Former Chief Whip of the Senate and PDP chieftain, Roland Owie , also opposed calls for Saraki’s resignation, saying the Senate President’s ordeal is a clear case of persecution.


He said: “Saraki was governor from 2003 to 2011, elected in 2011, and re elected in 2015. What Nigerians need to request the CCT is: was the CCT in detention between 2003 and June 2015, when Saraki became the Senate President?

The National Organising Secretary of Action for Democracy (AD), Abdallah Ibrahim, noted: “Saraki should come to terms with fact, step down and face his case.”

For public issues analyst in Ogun State, Mr. Ola Roberts, the APC “should have thrown him out. He should have resigned and even resign from the political party or be compelled to step down in the position by the party. I do not think I could find better words for what the senators are doing by following him to the trial, than say it’s a show of shame.”

From Ilorin, house of Ishola Balogun Fulani, APC chieftains, the Senate President, Chief Wole Oke, and Yusuf Maja urged Saraki to continue in office, mentioning his innocence.

“This is a clear case of persecution. Interval! A Benin parable says, ‘a kid who says his mum is not going to sleep wo’t sleep either’. He mustn’t step down until its full cycle runs to the Supreme Court since those fighting Saraki are simply miserable that he is Senate President.

“Agents of darkness did it to late Senator Chuba Okadigbo and Senator Adolphus Wabara. They stepped aside. And at the end of the day, when they got success at the courts, it was too late to return as Senate Presidents. Saraki do’t resign until after the Supreme Court judgment!”

Agreeing that the better choice could have now been resignation, the Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Jerry Obasi, thinks this is not any longer tenable because according to him, the court has acted like an involved party, going by alleged improper remarks by the trial judge.

In advanced societies, he should have stop until the matter is sorted out. But as it’s, now, I will say the onus lies on him to resign or continue to remain in office. That is because you can find certain interests that need to ensure office is left by him at all cost. Look at the outburst from the court, which will be a transparent indication that it’s an interest it’s protecting.

“I believe it’s a trial on our democracy and whatever is great, if we must safeguard it should be done to make it work for us. I’d like to say that many are seeing the matter as a controversial one. And that is why you cannot expressly ask the Senate President to step down and confront his trial, Obasi was said by “.

On moral reasons, prominent lawyer, also in Cross River State, Mr. Etim Inyang, believes Saraki should step aside, as he’s the burden of going to the tribunal daily. He, nevertheless, added that there isn’t any legal assumption to justify a resignation because the accused is presumed innocent. “It is only when the court makes a pronouncement, and not even a pronouncement in the tribunal. There must be a final decision in court before he’s said to be guilty or not,” Inyang noted.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’Abba, described calls as ill conceived, stressing that the leader is still innocent.

According to him, “those calling for his resignation are merely exercising their constitutional rights. If you say he should resign, what if he finally wins the case at the CCT?

I believe that everybody understands what played out, right from your very instant the National Assembly was inaugurated, and particularly the way the APC attempted to take the interest of everybody into account. In a twist of fate, it appeared some men let their own personal interest to supersede that of the party. That’s truly get the party in risk. We still feel bitter that the inordinate ambition of today’s Senate President has put lots of stumbling block on the route of the party and the Presidency,” he said.

According to Mohammed, ” I am not saying he’s guilty, but with quasi-criminal charges against him, he should not step down as a senator, but as the Senate President. I’ve seen sycophants at work. Because of what they believe they’re getting in the crisis, they are not telling him the truth. It is not sound for the Amount Three citizen of the nation to be put in the dock everyday.”

Obende, who represented Edo North between 2015 and 2012, said: ” The issue has already been in court. And if there is going to be a soft landing, allow it to be. But whatever the party decides, that’s exactly what will take preeminence.”